Natural Vitality Products

Peter Gillham’s Natural Vitality is best known for its flagship product Natural Calm, The Anti-Stress Drink. For the fifth year in a row, Natural Calm is the best-selling magnesium supplement in any form (SPINs 2010). Natural Calm also was recognized by Vitamin Retailer magazine with its Vity Award and by Better Nutrition magazine for three consecutive years with its Best of Supplements Award. Natural Calm is available from all leading distributors and is sold in natural products stores in America, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, Iceland and Norway.

Kids Natural Calm Multi incorporates whole-food nutrition from 24 organic superfruits, fruits and vegetables. It also features top quality Omega-3 DHA and EPA fatty acids—essential components in children’s diets. The fish oil used in Kids Natural Calm Multi is sourced from the purest wild sardine and anchovy, fished in pristine waters off South America. It is the product of a healthy, fully sustainable fishery and is a renewable resource.

Kids Natural Calm Multi includes Natural Calm magnesium, Omega-3s, calcium, vitamins, ConcenTrace® minerals, amino acids, and DMAE. Kids will like the organic fruit splash flavor, sweetened with organic stevia and organic agave.­­

Our popular Organic Life Vitamins is a complete liquid multi-nutrient made with certified organic ingredients. OLV provides a food-based cornerstone of quality nutrition in liquid form for quick absorption and maximum bioavailability. It is unique among whole-food liquids for both its comprehensiveness and its light fruit taste, with organic raspberry and cranberry extracts sweetened with organic agave nectar and organic stevia.

Natural Calm Plus Calcium is our sports formula. It is very popular with elite athletes, as it virtually eliminates muscle cramping. This website, specializes in athletes and their stories using our products in their work. We also have material from various sports medicine experts about the importance of nutrition and supplements in performance.

From our experience with magnesium and calcium, we have found that a ratio of 1:1 calcium to magnesium (or even slightly more magnesium) both supports bone health and avoids the buildup of unassimilated calcium, which can lead to problems associated with calcification. Osteo Calm is a liquid formula for bone health support that is unique in featuring this ratio along with vitamins and minerals designed to enhance calcium absorption.

NutraRev!, which received a Best of Supplement Award from Better Nutrition magazine, provides an exceptional combination of antioxidant energizer and anti-aging supplements in a great-tasting, fast-absorbing and economical liquid. It is popular because of its energizing effects as well as its anti-aging benefits.

Energy28™ is a premium liquid whole-food sustainable energizer featuring Golden Chlorella™ Omgea, a complete nutrient-dense green food, 24 organic superfruits, veggies, sprouts and fruits, organic maca, Bioenergy RIBOSE™ and rhodiola. Natural berry flavor with organic agave and organic stevia. Vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO.